Care for Shin Splints near Kurmond, 2757

Our team at Blue Mountains Podiatry provide expert and friendly care for shin splints near Kurmond and surrounding communities.

About Shin Splints

Shin splints is a generic term for the pain felt on the inside, front or outside of your shin bone or tibia. Such pain may result from stress fractures to the bone, increased pressure in the low leg, but most commonly it occurs due to over use of the muscles and tendons that connect in and around the shin bone. Shin pain is most often seen in runners, but can be associated with other sports such as netball, soccer, football, tennis and golf.

Care for Shin Splits near Kurmond, 2757Shin splints are often related to a sudden increase in the frequency, intensity or duration of physical activity. Too much pronation ‘rolling in’, poor lower limb biomechanics, hard surfaces or poor footwear are also commonly associated with the development of shin pain. Without prompt and appropriate management, shin pain can develop into micro stress fractures in the tibia (shin bone) itself, significantly increasing your time of recovery and delaying a return to the activities you love. As such, it is vital to determine all underlying factors contributing to the presentation of shin splints so we can remove them and get you on the road to recovery.

Our unique and comprehensive range of treatment techniques ensures we get the best possible outcomes for all of our patients, with our therapists taking an individualized approach to each patient in order to tailor a management plan that best suits you, as we know a generic treatment formulas will be ineffective in resolving your pain in the long term.

Your personalised treatment plan for shin splints may include:

Custom made orthotics (arch supports)
– Deep connective tissue massage
– Dry needling – Footwear advice
– Stretching and exercise programs
– Ice routine

Don’t let shin splints prevent you performing the activities you love.

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