Knee Pain Blue Mountains

Our practice provides podiatry care for knee pain to the local Faulconbridge and Katoomba communities well as the surrounding suburbs of; Springwood, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Wentworth Falls, Katoomba, Blackheath and Penrith.

Knee pain is commonly seen in athletes of all sports but especially in runners, with over 50% of running injuries being knee related. Knees are constantly under an enormous amount of stress. This can lead to weakness; instability and overuse of soft tissue structures surround the knee joint. Poor foot mechanics and inappropriate footwear can be a common cause of knee pain and can lead to conditions such as Patella Femoral Dysfunction, Osteo arthritis, Osgood Shlatters disease and patella maltracking.

knee pain blue mountainsHere at Blue Mountains Podiatry, knee pain is a condition that we see every day, and our expert therapists have a proven track record in getting the best outcomes for all our patients. A thorough initial examination will identify the precise source of you knee pain, which will be accompanied by the most up to date biomechanical analysis using our state of the art 3d technology to identify any contributing factors to your condition. Our goal is to remove your pain as opposed to providing a band aid, quick fix solution. Treatment options we have available to ensure the best possible outcome include:

* Custom made orthotics (arch supports)

* Deep connective tissue massage

* Dry needling

* Footwear advice

* Stretching and exercise programs

Don’t let knee pain prevent you from living an active and healthy life. To have your knee pain assessed and resolved as soon as possible make an appointment to see one of Blue Mountains Podiatry’s expert therapists at the Faulconbridge clinic on 02 47517583, Katoomba clinic on 02 47826169 or Lithgow clinic on 02 63525685.

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