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Meet the Team

David Logue

David completed a bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) at the University of Western Sydney in 2004. After graduating, David was employed at a large sports podiatry clinic in Western Sydney, while at the same time working as a podiatrist at Health Plus Chiropractic centre in Wentworthville. During this time he gained great experience and exposure to all aspects of podiatry. He then went on to start his own clinic in South Windsor Medical Centre in 2006, before starting Mountain Top Podiatry in Katoomba in 2007. Having a love of the area and local community, David then purchased Blue Mountains Podiatry in Faulconbridge in 2010 where here currently employs a team of 5 skilled podiatrists and is always searching for the next big challenge.

Special interests

David enjoys all areas of podiatry but his desire to keep physically active has led to a keen interest in lower limb biomechanics and gait analysis and its relationship to muscle interaction and foot posture.

Personal interests

David enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He likes to keep active and when he is not engaging in some sort of physical activity you will find him in his garden.

David Logue - Podiatrist

Phillip Smith

Phillip completed a bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) at the University of Western Sydney in 2008. After graduating, Phillip began his career in Port Stephens, gaining experience in a large range of podiatric complications. In early 2010, Phillip moved to the Blue Mountains to live closer to his fiancée, Helen. He joined Blue Mountains Podiatry at this time and has become an indispensable element of the team. Phillip continues to enhance is already firm understanding of all aspects of podiatry, endeavouring to ascertain current technology as soon as available.

Special interests

Phillip finds great satisfaction in having a patient leave with a smile, after initially presenting with discomfort. Phillip emphasises the importance of appropriate footwear when on your feet, offering expert advice to his patients. When discussing the required features of good footwear, he draws on his experience in footwear retail during his time at university. Phillip recognizes that not all feet may be adequately supported by high quality footwear alone. In cases such as these, Phillip will assist you with the use of orthotics, or discuss further options.

Personal interests

Phillip thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, particularly in local areas. On weekends, he can be found riding his mountain bike in training for his next bike race. Phillip also bushwalks through beautiful local trails, often accompanied by family and friends.

Frankie Raikadroka

Frankie graduated from the University of Western Sydney having successfully completed a Ba/Ma in Podiatry. Frankie excels in tailoring easy to follow treatment programmes that benefit people of all ages. He is a young, caring and professional podiatrist who works diligently within a team environment of General practitioners, physiotherapists and along with vascular and neurological specialists.

Special Interests

As a Rugby player himself Frankie particularly enjoys working with other sports individuals to correct biomechanical flaws during running and gait. He is a keen ambassador of lower limb rehabilitation and lower limb injury prevention. Frankie evaluates falls risks in the elderly and prescribes strategic exercises to reduce the risks of falls. As a previous rugby coach Frankie has experienced and treated many children with lower limb “growth pains” in the knee ankle and heels, providing a high standard of treatment for children of all ages. Frankie thrives with treatment protocols that involve orthotic insole therapy, exercise prescription, rehabilitation programmes and footwear advice.

Oren Schulze

Oren is currently studying a bachelor of Podiatric Medicine at western Sydney University and is part of our team as a Podiatry Assistant. Previous to this he completed 2 years of health science at western Sydney University. Oren also works at the Athletes Foot Penrith and has done for the past 3 years. The combination of working at Athletes Foot and studying podiatric medicine allows Oren to apply learnt knowledge to customers for a great fitting experience and to also recognise potential risks to feet and refer them to see podiatrists for further treatment. Through his Podiatric Medicine degree Oren hopes to develop his skills and understanding of podiatry and communication with patients to help both sound podiatry practice and improved quality of life for patients.

Special Interests

Having worked with sports shoes collectively for 6 years, Oren particularly enjoys helping customers with an active lifestyle and developing his knowledge in Lower limb and foot biomechanics to help improve running efficiency and quality of life with customers.

Personal Interests

Oren is very active himself partaking in sports such as Running, swimming, mtb riding and tennis on a weekly basis, you may also hear him banging away on his drums for time to time.

Edward Paluzzano

Edward has an expansive knowledge in biomechanics, and teaches Health Science at the Western Sydney University. He enjoys working with all ages and is experienced in treating all patients with a kind and gentle approach.

Robbie Donnelly


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