Toe nail surgery

When an ingrown nail becomes chronic and continues to re-occur even after conservative treatment a minor toe nail surgery is often advised. This is called a partial nail avulsion.

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What is a partial nail avulsion?(Toe nail surgery)

A partial nail avulsion is a common nail surgery procedure carried out in the clinic every day. Firstly a local anaesthetic is administered in the toe to make the procedure pain free. A small section of nail is then removed. The nail bed is then sterilised with a special acid to stop any nail growth. The toe is then cleaned and dressed.

Why have a partial nail avulsion?

A partial nail avulsion is by far the best long term solution for a chronic, painful ingrown toe nail. If you are fed up with your ingrown toe nails being painful, regularly re-occurring and continuously being inflamed or infected, then this is the procedure for you.

Is a partial nail avulsion always successful?

Clinically we experience a 95% success rate of the nail never regrowing or causing troubles again.

Will it hurt?

After the toe is put to sleep with a local anaesthetic there will be no pain. Most patients are very surprised how little pain there is post-surgery. A few Panadol’s is generally all that is required and opened toe shoe for a couple of days and you can walk out of the clinic immediately after it is done.

How long will it take to heal?

It generally takes 5-6 weeks to totally heal. However, most people go back to normal activities anywhere from 2-4 days after the procedure.

Will I need time off work or have days off school?

Each case is individual, although generally one day off when the procedure is being performed is all that is necessary.

Will I need any follow-up appointments?

We recommend 2-3 re-dressings with our podiatrist to check the wound is healing well and avoiding infection.