General foot care

General foot care may involve corn and callus removal, wart treatment and managing ingrown toe nails. However, the most common thing that is carried out in a general foot care appointment is toe nail cutting.

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Why would a podiatrist cut toe nails?

  • The patient cannot reach their feet
  • The patient has diabetes or another medical condition affecting their feet and has been advised to have professional foot care by their GP.
  • The patient has ingrown nails which are difficult to cut and manage
  • The patient has damaged thickened nails which need professional care.

What should you expect when getting your toes nails cut by a podiatrist at Blue Mountains Podiatry?

  • The podiatrist will gently trim your nails with a special set of sterile clippers. This is usually pain free.
  • The side of the nail bed called the sulci is then cleared thoroughly of debri.
  • A specialised nail drill is used to file back the nails making them smooth and any thickness is reduced.
  • You will then leave feeling much more comfortable.
  • A treatment will usually take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the individual’s needs.
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