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Fungal nails otherwise known as Onychomycosis affects between 7 and 10% of the population. It is an infection of the nail by opportunistic fungi that include dermatophytes, non-dermatophyte moulds and yeasts, mainly Candida species. They feed on the keratin within the nail, and just like any other infection, it is important that the condition be treated, so as not to lead to more serious complications, especially in the diabetic.

The infection often spreads to other nails and in severe cases can impair one’s ability to walk or lead to painful ingrown toenails. Secondary bacterial infections may occur on or around the nail plate. Until recently, fungal nail infections have been treated with varying results by either a topical nail paint applied to the nail daily for up to six months or oral anti-fungals over a period of two to three months which have been associated with unwanted side effects. Success rates for topical treatments are suggested to be less than 20%.

Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails is a new scientific breakthrough for the treatment of fungal nails. The treatment is safe, effective and has no side effects. The laser energy passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or adjacent skin. Only a laser is able to penetrate through to the nail bed effectively. Along with its anti-fungal properties, the laser also is an effective bactericidal instrument destroying pathogenic microorganisms and stimulating the repair process. Current studies indicate laser results show a success rate of up to 80% clearance after treatment.

With greater convenience than traditional treatments this painless procedure is becoming the treatment of choice. Early intervention is the most important part in helping these patients achieve the best and fastest results possible. Please see information on our laser treatment for fungal nails.

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