Ingrown Toenails Blue Mountains

Our practice provides care for sufferers of ingrown toenails to the Katoomba, Lithgow and Faulconbridge communities as well as to surrounding suburbs including; Springwood, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Wentworth Falls, Blackheath and Penrith.

Ingrown toenails can be a very painful condition! They occur when a nail starts to grow into the surrounding skin, often resulting in a small break in the skin which may lead to inflammation and infection.

Common causes of ingrown nails are poor nail cutting techniques, tightly fitting shoes and genetic factors.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry ingrown nails are the most common nail complaint that we see. With our therapists treating approximately 8-10 ingrown nails per day. We specialize in diagnosing, managing and treating ingrown nails, and offer an array of treatment options to ensure you can resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

ingrown toenail blue mountainsWithout prompt and appropriate management, ingrown nails can lead to chronic pain, inflammation and infection. As such, it is vital to determine all underlying factors contributing to the presentation of your ingrown toenail and get you on the road to recovery.  Our unique and comprehensive range of treatment techniques ensures we get the best possible outcomes for all of our patients, with our therapists taking an individualized approach to each patient in order to tailor a management plan that best suits you.

Your personalised treatment plan for ingrown nails may include:

–          Education on correct nail cutting techniques

–          Footwear advice

–          Removing a slither of nail which is digging into your skin

–          Partial nail avulsion (only done for chronic ingrown nail sufferers)

Don’t let ingrown toenails prevent you from enjoying life. To have your ingrown nail resolved as soon as possible make an appointment to see one of  Blue Mountains Podiatry’s expert therapists at the Faulconbridge clinic on 02 47517583, Katoomba clinic on 02 47826169 or Lithgow clinic on 02 63525685.

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