Finally we have successful treatment for fungal nails in the Mountains

Are you ashamed of your fungal toe nails? Don’t want to wear sandals or open shoes?

Fungal nails can be unsightly, smelly and embarrassing; often they are thick, yellow and crumbly in nature.

David Logue from Blue Mountains Podiatry has been frustratingly trying to treat fungal nails for more than 10 years with limited success. Previous treatments would consist of very expensive lacquers, oils and creams and regular filing for some times 2 years with no result.

Blue Mountains Podiatry are very proud to announce that we have recently purchased a new state of the art high powered laser specific to treat fungal nails in just two half hour treatments. The great thing about laser therapy is that it is fast, safe and effective with no nasty side effects.

To get you fungal nails treated quickly with no fuss call Blue Mountains Podiatry on 47517583 for the Faulconbridge clinic or 47826169 for the Katoomba clinic.