Ways to treat Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) South Littleton, 2790

ball of foot pain South Littleton, 2790Our team at Blue Mountains Podiatry provide care for sufferers of ball of foot pain near South Littleton and the surrounding communities.

Metatarsalgia is a broad umbrella term to describe an array of conditions that cause pain in the ball of the foot (under your foot just before the toes). Pain in the ball of the foot can be debilitating to the point where it can stop you from performing basic activities or sports. It is very common as the ball of the foot is under constant, excessive pressure for long periods of time. Morton’s neuroma, flexor plate dysfunction, capsulitis, bursitis and osteo arthritis are often conditions that cause pain in the ball of the foot.

Ball of foot pain is typically the result of bad footwear, high impact sports, poor foot mechanics (the way someone is walking), being overweight, a reduction of the fatty pad at the ball of the foot and walking on uneven or rocky ground.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry we are experts in at treating pain in the ball of the foot – helping you get back on your feet and moving in no time.

Here at Blue Mountains Podiatry, we see patients every day with ball of foot pain and our expert therapists have a proven track record in getting the best outcomes for all our patients. A thorough initial examination will identify the precise source of your pain, which will be accompanied by the most up to date biomechanical analysis using our state of the art 3d technology to identify any contributing factors to your condition. Our goal is to fix your health and remove your pain as opposed to providing a band aid, quick fix solution.

Treatment options we have available to ensure the best possible outcome include:

* Custom made orthotics (arch supports)

* Metatarsal arch supports

* Deep connective tissue massage

* Specialised taping techniques

* Dry needling

* Footwear advice

* Stretching and exercise programs

* Ice routine

Don’t let pain on the ball of your foot prevent you from performing the activities you love.

To have your pain resolved as soon as possible make an appointment to see one of Blue Mountains Podiatry’s expert therapists at:
Springwood clinic on (02) 4751 7583
Katoomba clinic on (02) 4782 6169
Blaxland clinic on (02) 4702 0221
Lithgow clinic on (02) 6352 5685

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