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Are you a rugby player? Netballer? Soccer player?

Prevent the risk of ACL injuries in the knee

ACL (Anterior-cruciate ligament) is one of the most important knee ligaments that support walking, running and provides everyday rotational stability within the lower leg. Injury to this site is common in the developing athlete, which results in:

  • Months of costly rehabilitation
  • Months on the sideline
  • Reduction in mobility causing weight gain or muscle loss
  • Possible arthritic changes in then knee

Many studies in the NFL (National Football League) or Gridiron in the United states, assess elite sportsman and provide preventative strategies to reduce the risk of on peak season injuries such as career ending ACL knee injuries.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry we provide orthotic therapy to reduce the risk of ACL injury.

The greatest risk of ACL injury is a flat foot. As you can see from the below image as we pronate (arch collapses, foot flattens) INTERNAL ROTATION of the lower leg occurs.  During high velocity sprinting and jumping this movement is exacerbated.

As the foot pronates there is subsequent internal rotation of the lower leg and places large amounts of stress on the ACL ligament within the knee.

Orthotic Therapy Reduces Risk

At Blue Mountains Podiatry we assess the risk of all lower limb sports injury and provide exercises along with orthotic therapy to improve sports performance and reduce the risk of injury

A 3D scanned custom made insole is placed comfortably within a stable sports shoe. The orthotic reduces the amount of pronation subsequently reducing internal rotation of the lower leg and therefore reduces the risk of ACL knee injury.

Lower leg stretching and exercises are prescribed along with orthotics.

In this ideal stance the lower mechanics of the leg work more efficiently.

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