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Shock Wave Therapy Treatment, ESWT – Hermitage Flat, 2790

shockwave therapy Hermitage Flat, 2790Blue Mountains Podiatry is proud to introduce the latest technology soft tissue treatment to residents in Hermitage Flat and the surrounding suburbs. Shock Wave Therapy, ESWT, has a proven 80% clinical success in the treatment of chronic and painful soft tissue conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Based on high energy radial sound waves generated through the specifically designed machine, the unit delivers high energy shockwaves into the underlying tissues. This has shown through clinical research to increase vascular flow and improve healing.

Developed from technology used in the treatment of kidney stones, Shock Wave therapy has been widely used in Europe and North America for the past 10 years. The application to soft tissue pathologies has been indicated in the assistance of pain management and to accelerate the healing process.

The most common conditions in the lower limb treated with great success are:

shock wave therapy ESWT Hermitage Flat, 2790Shockwave Therapy provides a safe and effective pain management technique. Our goal at Blue Mountains Podiatry is to provide a structured and reliable pathway of treatment that services both short term pain management goals and long term relief from the condition.

Patients presenting for Shockwave therapy often require 3 individual sessions, averaging around 7 days apart. They can be referred under EPC or DVA based referrals for this therapy, and also may be rebateable through the patient’s private health fund. Many patients feel pain relief immediately following the first treatment.

All Podiatrists at Blue Mountains Podiatry have extensive training and are highly skilled in the assessment and application for this treatment. We welcome any referrals for chronic pain management in the lower limb.

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