Custom Orthotics near North Richmond. 2754

Our team at Blue Mountains Podiatry provide custom orthotics and digital gaitscan near North Richmond and the surrounding communities.

About Orthotics

At Blue Mountains Podiatry we use specialised custom orthotics to correct foot, lower limb and even lower back conditions. Our orthotics are made using the latest force plate and 3d scanning technology so you get the best support during activity when you need it the most.  We provide an orthotic that is both comfortable and supportive.

Orthotics are devices used to support your feet. They apply direct forces to specific parts of the foot to improve postural stability, decrease tissue stresses and  improve foot and  lower limb function, to provide a stable foundation for the rest of your body. They are tailored to an individual’s feet – designed to correct their specific conditions.  Our orthotics are specifically designed to sit discretely inside your causal/dress/sport shoe, boot or sandal, supporting the arch structure of your feet.

Orthotics can be used in the treatment of:

•   orthotics North Richmond, 2754Heel and arch pain
•    Plantar fasciitis
•    Knee pain
•    Ball of foot pain
•    Achilles tendon pain
•    Sore/aching feet and legs
•    Customise ski boots/cycling shoes
•    Long term corns and calluses
•    Lower back, hip and knee alignment issues


The orthotics prescribed by a Blue Mountains Podiatry expert therapist are custom made for your feet and specifically designed to provide support for your feet in the most functionally effective position. The support and improved biomechanics achieved through the use of our orthotics will alleviate joint and soft tissue stress, and allow your feet to provide the most stable foundation from which the rest of the body can operate.

Custom Orthotics North Richmond, 2754Upon making an appointment to see one of our expert podiatrists we will take your medical history. This is followed by a thorough examination of your area/s of pain. A 3d digital biomechanical analysis will then follow, enabling our podiatrists to determine with the aid of a pressure pad and the most up to date software, what the precise underlying problems to your condition are and hence find the best and most appropriate solution to your problem. This thorough examination is the only way that you can accurately and precisely measure the functional and dynamic forces generated by your feet and lower limbs.

If the symptoms you are feeling can be contributed back to the effects of poor foot mechanics, then corrective orthotics can be easily and quickly designed using our state of the art 3d pressure pad analysis with no mess or fuss, unlike the old style plaster casting. The entire process takes just 10 minutes to analyse so we can get you on the road to recovery straight away. Any provided orthotics will maximise your chance of solving the problem and eliminate your symptoms. Our years of experience also allow us to provide you with footwear advice and comprehensive exercise programs to speed up the re-alignment process and get you back to your best in the shortest possible time frame.

Contact our clinic at Blue Mountains Podiatry for expert care and attention – Situated in 4 locations – Springwood (02 4751 7583), Lithgow (02 6352 5685), Blaxland (02 4702 0221) and Katoomba (02 4782 6169).

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