Care for Flat Feet near Newnes, 2790

Our practice provides care for sufferers of flat feet to the Newnes communities as well as to surrounding suburbs.

About Flat Feet

Have you got flat feet?

flat feet Newnes, 2790Flat feet is generally a term describing ‘fallen arches.’ Most of the time this is genetic in nature but sometimes it can be an acquired condition due to an injury or dysfunction in the foot. ‘Rolling in’ or pronation is often associated with flat feet.

A certain amount of pronation is normal and is necessary for shock absorption of the body. However, too much pronation for too long will stop the foot from propelling the body forward smoothly and efficiently.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry flat feet is a condition that encounter on a daily basis, which is not surprising given 7 in every 10 people pronate to some degree. Flat feet alters the biomechanics of the lower limbs, resulting in strain through soft tissue structures, postural dysfunction and inefficient walking patterns. It can often be a major contributing factor in the injury or overuse of soft tissue in the feet and legs. This can cause heel pain, arch pain, shin pain, knee and ankle pain. The nature of flat feet can also lead to pain in the hips and low back. Our expert therapists have a proven track record in assessing and managing patients with flat feet and the related conditions flat feet can cause.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry we use customised orthotics or ‘arch supports’ to help support and stabilise the arch of a flat foot. Our orthotics are made using the latest force plate and 3d scanning technology so you get the best support during activity when you need it the most. We provide an orthotic that is not only supportive but extremely comfortable. We understand that no foot is the same and our management plans are tailored to get the best outcome for every patient.

If you believe you are suffering pain or decreased performance due to flat feet, call Blue Mountains Podiatry for a consult with one of our expert therapists.

Phone our clinic at Blue Mountains Podiatry for professional care and attention – We are in 4 locations – Springwood (02 4751 7583), Lithgow (02 6352 5685), Blaxland (02 4702 0221) and Katoomba (02 4782 6169).

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