Care for Diabetes near Rydal, 2790

Our team at Blue Mountains Podiatry provide professional and friendly care for the assessment and management of diabetes near Rydal and surrounding communities.

About Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic illness that significantly affects the health of over 1 million Australians. Diabetes occurs when insulin is no longer produced in the body or when there is an insufficient amount of insulin. This leads to high blood glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. This can lead to complications with the feet, eyes and internal organs.

diabetes Rydal, 2790Blue Mountains Podiatry specializes in the assessment and management of people suffering with diabetes. When you have diabetes you are likely to have reduced blood supply and feeling to the feet, which can lead to complications such as infection, ulceration and in the worst case scenario possible amputation.

At Blue Mountains Podiatry every patient with diabetes receives a comprehensive annual diabetic foot assessment to ensure any deterioration in your condition is identified early, significantly reducing the chance of future complications. During this examination we look at and analyse the nerve and blood supply to your feet, providing the most accurate risk assessment for future difficulties with the feet and lower limbs. Our state of the art force plate technology gives us the unique ability to examine and identify any high pressure areas under your feet which may result in further problems. Our expertly trained podiatrists will also perform a number of specialised podiatry tests and walk you step by step through a management plan to help prevent any issues that may arise. We understand that no two bodies are the same and our individualised treatment plans will provide you with all the available options to ensure you reach your treatment goals and minimise the effects of diabetes on your everyday life. To ensure you are not placing yourself at risk of future complications and to minimise your risks that diabetes may be having on your daily activities call Blue Mountains Podiatry to arrange an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists.

Contact the team at Blue Mountains Podiatry for professional treatment and attention – We are in 4 locations – Springwood (02 4751 7583), Lithgow (02 6352 5685), Blaxland (02 4702 0221) and Katoomba (02 4782 6169).

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