Fungal Nails

What is Onychomycosis? (Fungal nails)

IMG_17261Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail. Fungal infections in toe nails affect approximately 2 million Australians. They are commonly found in adults over 60 years of age. Fungal infections often enter through a damaged or traumatised nail. Once entered, the spores grow and often spread to other nails. Fungus grows very well in toe nails as they are mostly in dark moist and sweaty environments which are ideal for fungal development.


– Yellow/brown/white discolouration
– Thickened
– Rough
– Crumbly



To date fungal nails have been treated with limited success by lacquers, oils and creams. Oral antifungals are successful, but can cause harmful side effects to your insides.

Laser therapy is a new treatment for fungus. It is highly successful, quick, easy and has no side effects!


Laser-grey-background• No side effects
• Painless
• 80% plus success rate
• Quick (only requires two 30 minute treatments)
• No filing
• No applying expensive lacquers
• Kill fungus immediately. Results can be seen in 3 months as the nail grows out.
• No local anaesthetic
• No compliance issues with home treatments
• Cost effective

Tips to avoid reinfection

-Avoid nail salons that don’t use sterile instruments
– Treat your shoes and socks with an antifungal spray daily
– Put your shoes out in the sun regularly to dry out
-See your podiatrist immediately for further treatment if you notice any discolouration in your nails
Don’t let fungal nails stop you from showing your feet this summer, going to the beach or wearing the sandals you love.

To have your fungal nails treated as soon as possible make an appointment to see one of Blue Mountains Podiatry’s expert therapists at the Faulconbridge clinic on 02 47517583, Katoomba clinic on 02 47826169 or Lithgow clinic on 02 63525685.